Have You Been Nice To You Today? An RSL Weekly Challenge- Day 72: 365 Radical Self Love Project

Be nice to yourself or no one else will.

imagesYes I know this is a very bold statement and in my experience it is also an incredibly accurate statement. How we treat ourselves, speak to ourselves and feel about ourselves sets the tone for how others interact with us. To truly shift the ways in which others relate to us we must set out on an inner quest to learn and practice being kind and loving to ourselves first and foremost.

The path of Radical Self Love is a roller coaster of emotions, lessons and experiences- and it is all worth it.

Understanding the power of our minds, thoughts and emotions is fundamental to making and maintaining any kind of long lasting shift. If the mind is left to its own devices we will often default to dwelling on all that is not working or that which we lack.

Three mega principals for rocking long lasting life shifts.

1. Think about what you actually want. The Law of Attraction responds to that which we give the most mental attention and emotional energy to. So while we may have moments of thinking positive thoughts if they are not the dominant mental pattern not much will change.

2. Pay attention to your emotions and make feeling good a priority. Our emotional energy is an even stronger magnetizing force than our thoughts. If we are thinking positive thoughts but emitting conflicting emotional energy (worry, negativity or anger) the Law responds to the dominant energy and brings you more of it, which is why it is seriously worth while to invest your energy into building up your positive emotions and feelings.

3. Congruent, consistent action makes all the difference. If our daily actions are completely outside of what is consistent with our desired outcome there is a major misalignment. For example- Your desired outcome: to be healthy and fit. Your daily actions: little to no exercise and a diet of junk food. See how the action might not line up with the desired outcome? 😉 Internally this misalignment is translated as a break in personal integrity. When we are out of alignment with ourselves we unconsciously impact our self esteem which is where our internal power is stored. It is only when we are rockin our authentic power are we able to truly sustain our desired outcome when it comes to fruition.

A simple access point to personal success.

images-1Gratitude and positive affirmations are our quickest access point to shifting our experience of empowered achievement and personal success. Combined they give us a pathway to rewire our mental and emotional patterns and over time experience a more congruent mental and emotional vibrational alignment.

be-gratefulGratitude puts us into immediate contact with feelings and emotions that allow us to feel positive. Affirmations begin to rewire the mental thought patterns which direct our behaviour. Combined these two create the transportation vessel for your transformation. Guess what gets that vessel to move along the path? Consistent action baby!!

Think of it like this: gratitude and affirmations are the vehicle you will use to travel to your destination (desired outcome), congruent action puts your hands on the wheel and turns the vehicle on and consistent action puts your foot on the accelerator moving you forward. We all know just sitting in a vehicle won’t get you to your destination, however sitting in the car, turning it on, holding onto the steering wheel and putting your foot down on the gas pedal will indeed set you right on course to reach your destination.

Interested in making a shift? Join us on this weeks Radical Self Love challenge.

small-love-photography-inspirations copy

Here are the 7 simple steps:

1. Get real with yourself about an area of life you would really like to shift.

2. Record a one page journal entry with the facts about the current situation and a one page entry on what your ultimate desired outcome is- be as authentic as you possibly can.

3. Make a list of actions you currently know to do which are congruent with your desired outcome.

4. Every day this week gratitude journal for minimum one page on what you are grateful for within the specific area of life you are wanting to shift (ie you want to be healthier and fitter- gratitude journal about all the things you currently love about your body).

5. Each day select or create an affirmation congruent with your desired outcome and repeat the affirmation minimum 7 times throughout the day. I find setting a reminder on my phone is the most helpful 😉

6. Each day take at least one consistent action toward the realization of your goal.

7. Share with someone what you are up to. It will hold you capable to actually completing it. (p.s. letting the RSL community know totally counts)

Looking forward to hearing your success stories this week lovers!!!

Radical Self Love to the MAX!!!


p.s. Anyone who requires support in coming up with totally awesome affirmations hit me up on the FB page and I will happily post daily affirmations for your inspiration 🙂


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