What a Batch of Disaster Pancakes Taught Me About Having a Sense of Humor Day 71: 365 Radical Self Love Project

20120707-093652Well this morning things didn’t exactly go as planned.

I had my heart set on making pancakes this morning and so my man and I had a nice leisurely wakeup, made some coffee and I set up to make an epic batch of pancakes.

I’ve been making pancakes since I was a child and I’d like to think of myself as some what of a pancake pro. This morning something went terribly offside. They were awful. Today it would seem that my pancake skills went on a temporary vacation.

Now upon reflecting on the facts of the situation there isn’t much that is truly upsetting. However my ego would beg to differ. One of the main ways my ego acquires the feelings of validation and acceptance is through the ever awesome compliments on my cooking.

photoMy man was so loving and kind gently encouraging me with things like “oh they are just falling apart- I’m sure they will still taste amazing” “everything you make is so good don’t worry” and even when he was trying to eat them he was still managing to be kind.

Then as we were both struggling to finish our plates we looked at each other with giggles in our eyes and spoke the truth- they were gross as we burst out laughing.

What this mornings events taught me:

1. Chill out on the self imposed expectations. Sometimes life goes a little offside and while we can always course correct (in this case make a new breakfast) imposing really heavy expectations on myself and of upholding a false sense of perfection is exhausting.

2. Laugh at the hilariousness of a mistake– I could wonder all day what went wrong with the making of the pancakes, however that is a serious misuse of my day and energy. AlI know is they turned out the way they turned out and it was an opportunity for the both of us to have a good laugh and keep that experience in our memory bank for future giggles.

3. When offside things happen we can turn them into whatever we desire through our perception. Ya at first I was pissed at myself for making a terrible breakfast, annoyed with myself for being pissed at my self, upset because my 100% perfection streak had been broken- but then I snapped out of it. I saw this was an opportunity for presence going forward. I’m usually really present when I cook, this morning I really wasn’t paying attention. It made me really wonder how not being present really does influence attracting things I don’t really want. So the lesson is simple shift the perception I was viewing the situation from, learn a valuable lesson and trust the next batch I make will be perfect just the way they are 😉


Radical Self Love to the MAX!!!!


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