Why Sleeping in is a Radical Self Love Practice Day 70: 365 Radical Self Love Project

This morning I did something amazing- I slept in. r-FOOT-ORGASM-large570

After the amazingness of yesterday and our incredibly successful first workshop my energy tank was pretty close to empty. I knew the one thing that would help recharge the batteries was a nice long sleep.

We had an incredible thunderstorm send us off to bed last night in Vancouver and the lightening, thunder and intense rain paired with my excitement of the first workshop was a combination for a restless sleep. When I first awoke today I had a little internal conflict arise. The ‘shoulding’ started and there was this little voice inside that was saying “You should get up early, get alot accomplished, you’ve had enough sleep to have a good enough day, your partner got up early so why can’t you.”- The standard shit talk from the ego.

Then after a few moments of hearing this internal conversation I tuned in to what my body was urging me to do. The little voice had negected a few key points:

1. I took myself on a 4 hour walking meditation yesterday to prep for the facilitation.

2. Upon arriving home I wrote personalized affirmations and Angel guidance for each participant.

3. I spoke for a solid 2 hrs and held energetic space for a powerful group of women.

All of these activities were truly incredible and what I needed at the moment AND they all had an impact on my physical body and withdrew energy from my tank. My body needed the time and rest to reboot.

So I took the time I needed. I let myself fall back asleep and wake up way later than I usually do. This had an incredible impact on my day.

For starters I woke up feeling happy, clear and recharged. Honouring yourself will do that 😉 I then was able to fuel up my body with a great breakfast, a massive green smoothy and take myself on another walk.  I then rocked an afternoon work session with some great friends where something truly magical happened. Because I had honoured myself this morning I felt in flow, I felt present and I felt courageous enough to ask for help from my pals, who truly do hold access points to building the RSL company. Inside of this asking unfolded an unexpected and truly valuable coaching and mentoring session in which I was gifted the information and next steps to take to keep along the path of success.

self-care-sayingHonouring myself allowed me to activate and strengthen my muscles of Radical Self Love. I could ask for what I needed because I was flowing in the energy of my heart and had dropped the ego-ic worries of looking bad, judgement and all the crap that comes with acting outside of my heart.

Sure I may have had a good day if I had gotten up when all the guilt trips and “shoulding” started- however why have a good or an ok day when the possibility of a great and incredible day is hidden inside of a lil self care and some Radical Self Love? 😉

Every day I notice it is becoming easier to hear my inner guidance and honour it. While the negative chitter chatter of the ego still shows up, the rate at which I am able to catch it is getting faster and faster.

My invitation to you all today is this: as we approach this weekend tune into your body and ask it what it truly wants in order to be vibin at it’s best. Are there certain activities it’s craving, certain foods or any recharging/reseting. How can you invite more self care into your experience this weekend?

I’m starting this weekend off by filling up my tank and doing things that truly bring joy and happiness into my life.  Taking time to really honour what we need and allowed ourselves to be in harmony with our natural states of being, is one of the most nurturing things we can do for our souls and one of the best ways to begin to raise our self esteem, self worth and ultimately our self love.

love_tankinsertFill up your tank baby!!!

Radical Self Love to the MAX!!



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