The Art of Asking- A Radical Self Love Lesson Day 68: 365 Radical Self Love Project

One of the biggest areas of growth along the journey of Radical Self Love is the process of identifying and owning our worth and inside of that awareness, being courageous enough to ask for what we truly want.

If we allow people to support us they will. Plain and simple. First though, we have to get over ourselves to make room for the support to come in. This means giving up stubbornness and the refusal to ask for what we need or want and be open to receive it.

“An act of courage is always an act of love” ~ Paulo Coelho

It is ok to know what you want and it is just as ok to ask for it.

abundanceHere is the thing we may not always get what we ask for. There is always a chance that when we put ourselves out there not much will come from it. However, in my own experience (and the most likely outcome) whenever I’ve come from an authentic, vulnerable and real place people generally step up to the plate and will big time surprise me. Like Amanda Palmers video below, I too have been blessed repeatedly by the generosity of people internationally, who believe in my music and want to contribute money and support towards enabling the process of music creation and all that goes into sharing the music with the world.

I had to get over myself big time and understand that receiving their gift was not only ok it was an amazing, kind and beautiful gesture of support. Every time I am given a gift that supports my music or my path I remind myself  I am worthy of receiving it because I now truly know what I am putting out there for people is incredibly valuable and healing. This one took time and there are still some days when my faith around my worth and value wanes. I am human after all.

Like anything though, the more comfortable I get with asking for help, making requests and allowing the universe to deliver to me in incredible ways- the more magical and generous the experience of being alive becomes. The juicy life lesson: As we love ourselves more we begin to develop a higher sense of self worth and value. The value we place on ourselves ripples into the value we place on others. As the internal relationship strengthens and harmonizes so does the relationship we have with abundance. 

Relating to people as the divine rockstars that they are.

ImagineIf we relate to people as their bigness and their greatness they will rise to meet the standard. People can only adhere to the standards we set. Therefore if we have a standard or belief that people are stingy, mean, unsupportive guess what? That is all they can ever be to you. Likewise if YOU switch your internal perception and raise your ideas and feelings about what people are capable of and what incredible possibilities await, you will be in for the most magical life ride.

If this is all new to you start small. Start re-framing your standards with one person in your life whom you’ve related to from a place of disempowerment, disappointment or judgement. People always have the capacity to change. It is our human nature to be in a constant state of change. When people make mistakes forgive them, doing so raises the bar of what is possible. By setting the bar higher you call them to their greatness and at the same time you call yourself to your greatness. Its a double win for both parties.

Practice asking for what you want. This will take courage. It will take facing your fears of rejection and shifting those thought patterns. It will most likely make you a little bit uncomfortable at first. As you begin the process of asking for what you want (from an on purpose heart space) on a regular basis your muscles of self confidence, self esteem and self love raise. When this happens the process of asking for that which you need becomes a more bliss filled empowered experience. For True 😉


A beautiful video on the Art of Asking for you Radical Self Love Lovers to enjoy!!

Radical Self Love to the MAX!!!



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