People Are Like Ingredients and Relationships Are Like Cake Day 67: 365 Radical Self Love Project

01_largeThere is one thing I have really been present to lately and  that is no two relationships are ever the same. While some relationships may be similar and hold within them repeating patterns, they are indeed their own unique expression based on the people and energies involved. For me this awareness has been one of the key elements to my internal freedom and strengthening my relationship to Radical Self Love.

Everyone is on their own unique journey and we all have roles to play in each others paths. Sometimes in relationships we forget this important piece and get caught up and attached to the idea that the combination of energies should go a certain way.

No two relationships can ever be the same. We are constantly evolving and changing and thus moment to moment our relationships change because we change. The simpliest way I make sense of this in my reality is through this example:

urlI consider every single person in this world a unique ingredient and through the combination of these ingredients we experience different results and outcomes. When we apply this to relationships it begins to make a lot of sense why different people create different relationship and life experiences with one another. If you are the ingredient of flour and you mix with a person whose ingredient is water together you will create dough. Likewise if you are flour and you pair with someone who is cinnamon you will create cinnamon flour. The two are completely different and wonderful in their own ways. It also makes no logical sense to compare the two different relationships since they are their own individual expressions based on the contributing ingredients of each person.

In relationships this means with each pairing of energies comes with it it’s own unique challenges and divine flow. When we compare our relationships to other people’s relationships or relationships of our past we hit troubled waters. It’s purely a distructive behavioural pattern to pull our past experiences and perceptions of reality and impose them on our current partners and relationships. When we do this it rips us all off the experience of truly embracing our unique flavours and combining them in a harmonious way that only the two people can. When couples are able to understand this they enter the high vibin flow zone.

How to create the high vibe partnership flow aka your relationship cake

tumblr_m106d86QSg1r9q3xpo1_500This first takes a commitment on each persons end to learn who they are. We have to know the ingredients we are bringing to the table in order to create the most beautiful possibility within that union.

Secondly inside of successful relationships both people actively practice identifying and creating effective ways to embrace the change and growth of the human experience. This allows the flexibility of growth and individual expansion to characterize the relationship.

Inside of harmoniously and consciously combining our individual ingredients with our partners we can set ourselves up for the opportunity to create a delicious, fulfilling and love filled dynamic. In other words we get to have our cake and eat it too 😉


Radical Self Love to the MAX!!!



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