Archery and the Gloriousness of Trying Something New. Day 66: 365 Radical Self Love Project

Over the weekend I blogged about heading to my friends wedding celebration. It was filled with incredible moments and we truly had such a blast!

1160_545517958841181_2091966910_nPart of my journey has centred around the process of learning what works for me and honestly what does not. Part of the process of figuring all of it out calls me to step out of my comfort zone and occasionally try something new. Here is the thing ,without giving it a go I would actually not know whether or not it works for me.

This is why I have dabbled in many different things in my lifetime, different hobbies, types of work and even different styles of relationships. To me it is an exploration, a discovery and a research project into learning myself and what honestly vibes with my soul.

Through this lifelong discovery I have learned some pretty solid things about myself and what really works for me. A couple that truly stand out are:

1. I dig monogamy- Yup I know it’s not the route for everyone however it is the route for me. I love spending my life with a single partner. I think on some level I always knew it but I had to do some exploring to be sure. I am comfortable in the ways in which I got to this awareness of what works for me and now I actively create that reality with my loving partner every day.

2. I really love yoga and I really love gyming it up. Like many things in life I like variety and options. Without change we grow stagnant. One of the ways I express fulfilling the need of change is with my exercise routines. Some days I really love the warm, gentleness of yoga (even the hot and sweaty kind) and somedays I really crave a run and pumping weights at the gym.

3. I like things clean and orderly in my home and in my surroundings. This goes for me on a personal level too. I really like being clean and there is everything right and ok with that. Some people like to play in the dirt and get really dirty. I am not one of them. I tried it and through the trial and exploration got really clear that being clean and organized makes me feel the best. So I go with it and when I really honour this about myself I am a true expression of free flowing, high vibin, self loving energy!!!

4. I love love love coffee with lots of cream. That’s it. I just do.

5. I feel the most calm, centred and connected in my relationships when I have consistent physical human contact. My preference- cuddling. Maybe it’s because it brings back memories of being in the womb, I’m not sure,  whatever reason may be I just love physical contact and it is my main love language.

6. I am an observer. It is how I learn best. I watch repeatedly and I play it out step by step in my mind until I feel ready. It is at that point when I take on something new. Only in the past couple years I’ve realized the way I learn and approach taking on something new, invokes one of the main tools of manifestation- visualization, which is pretty freaking awesome!

And finally for today,

7. I only do things I am good at. Period. Instead of trying to fix my areas of challenge or struggling to embrace certain qualities which do not come naturally to me I’ve scrapped that entire model and only do things I’m truly good at. I focus on my strengths and dive into finding ways to enhance my natural abilities and capabilities. Doing so has opened me up to seeing alternative strengths and qualities I had laying dormant and allowed me to embrace the totality of my strengths and enhance my ability to experience calmness, flow, boundaries and self acceptance.


Now back to the theme of the day. Exploration. Over the weekend I did something I had never done before. Archery. It took me a while to mentally be at the point of preparation for the activity however, after watching the instructor and the other participants rock through a couple cycles of bow and arrow shooting I was mentally and physically ready to give it a go. By honouring my learning style and observation tactics, I was able to shoot the arrow with ease and by the second cycle of arrow shooting I was hitting the target.

Artemis_by_nat_ratHonouring myself allowed me to really enjoy the experience in a way that made sense to me and truly made the most of an incredible activity. I now know that I really dig archery and I know with a little more practice I will fine tune my skills and become even better. For now I can add another thing I am good at to the KG list and I have found more joy in my expression of self. Archery is so much fun for me and I have a feeling it was not my first lifetime shooting an arrow 😉 Maybe on some level I am channeling an inner goddess of times gone by and returning to an element of my being which truly lights me up. From what I can tell archery holds many valuable spiritual lessons for my growth such as agility, focus, calm steady intention, release and the balance between form and structure and relaxation and surrender. Pretty great for a new afternoon activity.

There are always juicy and delicious opportunities available when we dive into new and unknown territories. Honour yourself to explore this in a way that makes sense to your head and your heart. Go at your own pace- only you know what is best for you. When you embrace life in this manor your experience of being alive flourishes and your path of Radical Self Love grows and expands exponentially. True Story!

Share with us in the comments below your experience of how trying new things has lead to a greater sense of self discovery and Radical Self Love! Sharing is caring lovies!

Radical Self Love to the MAX!!



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