Why Taking Out the Trash is an Act of Radical Self Love Day 65: 365 RSL Project

i-love-sundaysSundays are one of my most favourite days.

Generally they are the one day a week I take just for me. Part of my journey in Radical Self Love was learning how important it is to say yes to KG time on the regular.

My life and schedule can fill up pretty fast and having a consistent day to reset and recharge ensures I am ready mind,body and spirit to really show up for the week ahead.

Each Sunday always looks a little different and the top priorities are cleaning up the house and taking time to relax.

A principle I truly value and have constructed my life around is that of: the state of the house, car, room, closet ect, is a reflection of the ruling mind of its owner. Meaning a messy house = messy/scattered mind.

Because I work from home having a super clean space is really important for my peace of mind and ability to create. There are many things I know about the inner workings of my mind and one of the qualities I really know about myself is, when things are out of order I have a need to clean them up and restore the order or I experience confusion, procrastination, anxiety and frustration. That being said if my house is a disaster during the week all those triggers give me an out to not do the work I know I am meant to be doing. My creative work requires energetic space within my mind and physical surroundings. When I physically take out the trash it also represents the release of any residual energies from my week that I no longer need~ which is radical self loving at its best!

natural-cleaningSo today I cleaned and I enjoyed every second of it. With every area I cleaned up I felt a sense of accomplishment, happiness and space. I also knew by doing so I was setting myself up to have an incredible week ahead with this beautiful, bright and clean space I found myself in. Which in all honesty feels amazing.

After my cleaning sesh I took time to make a high vibing green smoothy and finish a movie I had been watching bits and pieces of for a couple weeks. On this evenings agenda- dinner with my man, some reading and enjoying the incredibleness which is my life!

Wishing you all an incredible week ahead!

Radical Self Love to the MAX!!!



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