How I Get to Know Myself More Through the Reflection of Others Day 63: RSL Project

images-4What we see in others is a reflection of what is already within us.

This theme has been popping up in a couple different conversations over the past few days. I feel it is a very important RSL concept to share considering the whole RSL journey is about turning inward and loving ourselves. We do this by getting to know who we truly are in ways we have not yet experienced.

If a certain quality within someone else did not already exist within us we would not be capable of recognizing it. We can only recognize and either resist or make agreement with that which we know on a deep level.


This knowing is often unconscious until we have an ahhhh haa! moment otherwise known as a breakthrough.

I have found it to be way easier to integrate this awareness when it applies to a quality I like in another and I’ve found it a little more challenging when I am faced with a person I’m really not diggin.

The thing is every single person, interaction and experience I have is reflecting back to me that which I am giving off and that which is deep within, sometimes beyond my conscious awareness. This makes life a truly fun and curious adventure.

MenopauseCoachWhen I can direct my focus to this understanding the entire day turns into a lil research project, in which I get to dive into who I really am and learn myself in deeper more profound ways. When I see things I don’t like about others I first have to acknowledge it exists within me somewhere, somehow, do a little soul searching to find how I manifest the same qualities and then choose to consciously direct my behaviour/ course correct to be in alignment with that which I actually want and who I want to be.

The best example is when I experience someone speaking in a really rude or condenceding way. While it is very rare that I outwardly speak or behave that way anymore, what it brings into my awareness is, even though I don’t speak to others that way, I sometimes speak to myself that way. Which dear friends is a habit which has to shift inorder for my levels of RSL to expand and for me to become more and more on purpose.

My invitation is simple friends: take time every day to be the observer of your waking day to day life. Practice one day at a time finding the correlation of your daily interactions with an internal belief or pattern you express in your life. Simple. When you get super real with yourself your experience of being alive becomes way more magical and precious. I promise 😉


Radical Self Love to the MAX!!!



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