Collaboration Is Where It’s At- Radical Self Love Meets “For the Girls” Day 59: RSL Project

Today is a very awesome day for the RSL community! 1173739_516433348438137_1081809221_n

A few weeks ago I was asked by Olivia Keane (co-founder of Keane 2 Be Fit) to collaborate and rock an interview for their new project called “For The Girls”. I was truly honoured to contribute and collaborate with Olivia. She is such an incredible soul with such positive, beautiful and bubbly energy. Her vision to empower, inspire and nurture women and girls towards their greatness is something I completely resonate with. Inside of this resonance I truly want to support her in fulfilling on her mission and contribute to her success. When a project like Olivia’s For The Girls succeeds in the world we all benefit. In other words it’s a double win. This is the power of collaboration and contribution.

To collaborate is something this world could truly use more of. The energy of competition is completely outdated and honestly brings forth lower energies and patterns of behaviour. Collaboration taps into a higher frequency. One where we understand that we are all part of an incredible global community and there is prosperity and abundance available to each and every person who is open and willing to align to this vibrational frequency.

Today I share with you our collaboration. In the theme of yesterday’s post about vulnerability and communication I’m sharing my personal story of how the Radical Self Love Project was born! It’s raw, it’s real and it’s radical 😉 If you vibe with the interview feel free to share it with anyone who you may feel would resonate with it as well! Spreading the loveeeeee it’s what we do!

Check it out Olivia’s Project For The Girls Here!

Radical Self Love to the Max!!



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