Want to Love Yourself More? Make a List- Day 56: 365 RSL Project

29b4b90a02a511e29bea22000a1e8b98_7One of the ways in which I have truly grown my muscle of Radical Self Love is through acknowledging the qualities and aspects of myself I truly do love. This list varies from day to day because in all honesty some days are just better than others. To illustrate to all of you beautiful Radical Self Love lovers how I get my self love on I’m sharing with you one of my lists filled with things I love about myself.

First things first- Why making an RSL List works

When I have one of those days when things aren’t appearing as bright and shiny as per usual, I bust out this list and give it a read. When I first started building this list I was challenged to come up with 10 things, for true! I soon came to understand though that my resistance was just a way to keep me trapped in a cycle of negativity. It was also an indication that doing this exercise would be of great benefit simply because I was doing everything I could possibly imagine to avoid making this list.

If you are asking yourself how that makes any sense check this out:

Any time I am on the verge of a huge breakthrough my ego flairs up and pulls out all the stops to ‘try’ and get me to stay in the same cycles I’m in, meaning resistance around taking new empowered actions shows up.

Once I acknowledge what I love about myself, I have clear and realtime evidence that I actually do love myself. This evidence means my ego’s shit talk of ‘you aren’t good enough, you aren’t loveable’ or whatever nonsense it decides to spew out that day, is absolutely and positively false.

Imagine that, the illusions of the ego and the chatter of the monkey mind are just distortions of reality and completely untrue. Huh, who knew?!! 😉

Once I know the truth I can no longer allow myself to get away with diminishing my value, my worth and my being. We can’t un-know things. When all the facts are on the table we fully enter into the land of free will and choice. When I am present to how lovely and amazing I actually am, behaving from the ego is then something I am consciously choosing to do out of my own free will. This is a really terrible use of my time and in all honesty completely disrespects the opportunity I have as a human being to make this world a better place through my moment to moment actions, thoughts and feelings.

So in the spirit of making solid use of my time here on earth, being an example of love through my be-ing and supporting you lovelies in cultivating more of your own radical self love here is a list of 56 things I love about myself. Feel free to use any of these as inspiration for your own list!

Love List 1

KG’s RSL List:

I love:

1. My weirdness- I’m a big weirdo and it’s amazing 😉

2. My eyes and how bright and sparkly they are

3. My ability to be present with people and really hear what they are saying

4. My ability to interpret omens and synchronicities

5. My feet

6. My hair

7. How strong my nails are

8. My smile

9. My infectious laugh

10. My relationship to integrity

11. My ability to make a commitment and stick to it

12. My songwriting ability

13. My courage and inner strength

14. My awareness of my be-ing and ability to take 100% responsibility for all the things that happen in my life.

15. My ability to love openly and freely

16. My warm and inviting nature

17. How I can easily create the space for others to feel safe, taken care of and accepted

18. The lens of beauty I see the world through

19. How adaptable and flexible I can be

20. How open I am to learning, growth and expansion of who I know myself to be

21. My ability to inspire people by being authentic and raw

22. My ability to stand my ground and speak my truth

23. My musical talents

24. My sexuality and being able to experience deep profound spiritual sexual experiences

25. My selective nature of keeping only the best in my life

26. My high standards I achieve for myself in all areas

27. My understudying of universal laws and truth

28. My calves

29. My collarbone

30. My mindfulness

31. My kind and compassionate energy

32. My epic hugs

33. My ability to read energy

34. My ability to intuitively know and understand what is going on for people

35. My acceptance and unconditional love for those in my life

36. My connection with animals

37. My commitment to always be bettering myself

38. My ability to learn through contrast quickly

39. My honesty, loyalty and devotion

40. My vulnerability

41. My ability to pull myself out of contrast and see the underlying message and lesson

42. My ability to integrate lessons and stay on track

43. My positive self talk

44. My inner and outer beauty

45. My peaceful and grounded energy

46. My ability to be decisive and independent

47. My ability to own needing my own space and being free

48. My ability to learn from others

49. My attraction and manifestation abilities

50. My angel singing voice

51. My courage to step beyond what people think I should do and live life on my terms according to my highest truth

52. My courage to reinvent myself and keep going

53. My ability to take care of myself and know what to do to be my best version

54. My creativeness

55. My ability to communicate with love

56. My passion and drive


My belief in the world and its greatness and my belief in YOU and YOUR greatness!!

Radical Self Love to the MAX!!


If you are inspired to share something you love about yourself comment on this post or share with us on our Facebook page! We would love to experience the yummy vibes of your Radical Self Love! xo


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