“Love Is” Original Musical Awesomeness! Day 55: 365 RSL Project

images copy 2Here are the lyrics to my newest song called “Love Is”. I wrote this tune for my best friends who got married over the weekend. This song is their wedding gift! Check out the video  to hear the song!


Radical Self Love to the MAX!!!


“Love Is”

Music and Lyrics by Kelsey Grant 2013

I closed my eyes and I sang to the night

Learning my worth in love to set me right

The path I would find it lead me straight to you

Just in the time that we were meant to

When I saw your eyes I felt the truth

Two souls uniting beyond what we knew

My happy heart has found its home

Deep in your love I know where I belong

Love is where your heart is

And its bound in mine

Bound in mine

Life is where our love is and our path with stand the test of time

Love is where my heart is

And its found in yours a sacred sign

Love is

Yours and mine

There may be times when we lose our way

Just so you know my hearts your home to stay

All that we’ve done and all we will become

For you I’m in our love is our song

We’ve got this chance to see things through

Our perfect love

Thyself be true

❤ ❤ ❤



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