Angels, Milestones and Gloriously Delicious Wins!! Day 53: 365 RSL Project

Today something magical happened in the Radical Self Love community!!


We reached 444 Radical Self Love lovers earlier this afternoon! I’m a big fan of numerology and messages from the Universe so this is a particularly fantastic omen.

444 is a symbol that my Angels are close by watching and cheering in the wings. It also indicates to keep a look out for further guidance in the form of intuition and universal messaging.

These signs from the Angels can come in many different forms as I have mentioned before. Often I see repeating number sequences, over hear certain words and phrases and hear lyrics in songs. Those are the strongest forms of messages I have the pleasure of receiving.

angel-numbers-101-doreen-virtue-phd-1-2-s-156x156Achieving such an incredible milestone of 444 lovers in the community holds a wonderful significance. To me it has further reinforced the complete on purpose nature of this project and the building of such an incredible group of people. I am truly inspired every single day to see more and more people coming into alignment with loving themselves more.

To know we have such a glorious community of people committed to learning, loving and becoming greater versions of who they know themselves to be, is absolutely incredible.

It is with the purest of blessings, I thank each and every one of you for the contribution you make to this community just by virtue of connecting with us on our Facebook pages, our Twitter or our Instagram. Each of you make such a difference in this world and I am honoured and truly blessed to be a part of this earthly human journey with you. sole intention is to continue to bring the love with the obvious help from the Angels and continue to serve this community in theĀ most on purpose and love filled way. I am so epiclly excited for all the Radical Self Love yumminess which is in the works! Very soon the e-book will be complete to support anyone going through a breakup or breakdown in their relationship, the first series of local workshops will be starting this month, the coaching program will open up starting September and the virtual group classes will be available come the fall! Weeeeee!!!!

I feel so grateful that this is my life, this is the work I have the honour of doing each and every day and that I am blessed by the energy and presence of every single Radical Self Love lover out there!! You all are so amazing!

Super sonic massive love beams to you all!!!


Radical Self Love to the MAX!!!



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