Emotional Triggers and The Power of Sound Healing Day 52: 365 RSL Project

There are days which are good and there are days where there is room for improvement. Most days for me are a combination of these two extremes. Whatever the reason, there are moments in my day which are really positive and then an emotional trigger gets activated and I experience contrast.

The beauty of this journey is experiencing both sides and learning how to effectively transform to higher states more and more quickly. koi_yin_yang_fractal_print-r344e194f2ce94079a973be9164cef984_wvp_8byvr_512

Today I had one of those moments. I was flying super high and inside of a brief conversation about contribution and donating money I got super triggered and emotional. I understand this next leg of my journey is all about building this muscle of financial contribution and positive financial flow. Which is why it makes total sense to me there are still some triggers which are hot points.

Being on this radical self love journey I know when these moments happen to have patience with myself, do a little reflection and then take a ‘right action’ to recalibrate my energy. For me today the feelings of resistance, guilt and embarassment were running rampant in my experience and I knew immediatly an action which would help shift my state and get me back into a positive or at least neutral state.

Sound Vibrational Healing.


The premise of vibrational healing is such that certain frequencies are emitted through instruments, singing bowls, tuning forks and any other tools which generate rhythmic vibrations. These vibrations activate openings and clearings within our emotional and energetic bodies as well as in the cells, bones, muscles, organs and fluids in our physical bodies.


Today I knew a heart opening/healing would be the tool I could use to diffuse the energy I was experiencing and focus my attention on generating feel good energies.

I chose a heart chakra sound healing on Youtube which was over an hour long. I put my ear buds in an began to write. Within a few moments of listening to the track I could feel my energy raising and the darker energies I had been feeling begin to lift from my body. In this space of opening I was able to truly reflect on the truth underneath my upset and allow compassion and forgiveness to fill the space.

There is great empowerment which resides in getting to know myself in this very intimate and radically honest way. I feel more self reliant and confident when I am able to take ‘right action’ to energetically move up the emotional vibrational scale, understand the root of my breakdown and then take appropriate actions to either clean up the mess I’ve created or be more responsible for my triggers in the future.

Ignoring darkness does not dispel it; only the light does. That is the difference between denial and transcendence. ~Marianne Williamson

For all these moments of darkness and light I am grateful. For my inner strength, vulnerability and ongoing evolution I am grateful. For each of my mirrors, teachers and lessons in all forms I am grateful. For it is the dance of it all which makes this experience of life so incredibly intricate, diverse and beautifully juicy.

Radical Self Love to the MAX!!


Below is a chart which explains the chakras and their corresponding sound healing frequencies (notes).



2 thoughts on “Emotional Triggers and The Power of Sound Healing Day 52: 365 RSL Project

  1. Great text and so good to read about self-observations and so similar experiences and attitude…thanks so much!
    Please continue (I’m on the board too!)
    HAPPY Solstice and the NEW Year!

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