The Day My Best Friend Got Married Day 51: 365 RSL Project

Ahhh love it is such an incredibly beautiful, magical and epic journey. Today I had the honour of witnessing my best friend marry her incredible man and one of my great friends marry his amazing woman.

In a beautiful forest ceremony which brought together all of our favourite traditions (celtic, native american and a lil classic Goddess spirituality) I stood witness to a beautiful love story enter into it’s next amazing phase.

I have known and loved this couple ever since I saw them meet for the first time about 3.5 years ago. Their story, like many, is filled to the brim with the highest of the highs and some intense challenging times. What I love most about Shay and Caleb is their willingness to see things through even when shit gets tough.

There is a deep knowing inside of both of them about their soul partnership. It was obvious from the first moments they met and it’s been such a pleasure to watch their giddy amazing love story continuously unfold.

Now here we are 3.5 years later, a sacred union complete, a forest mossy wedding fantasy come to life and the beauty of a declared commitment now set into the world. We know the Universal energies are stoked on this one since their first kiss was accompanied by a massive clap of thunder which left all of us in awe and inspired with the union which was now made official.

I am so excited, proud and so honoured to have watched this amazing couple right from the beginning of their love story up until today on their special day. I have always believed in the power of love and the power of their love to accomplish anything they set out to. As we step into tomorrow and every day that follows I will continue to hold the space of possibility, commitment and honour for two of my incredible friends who honestly deserve all the happiness this world has to offer. Thank you both for being such a perfect example of courage, love and inspiration AND for paving the way, in all ways, for the rest of us 😉

I love you both muchly! ❤

Radical Self Love to the MAX!! xoxox



Photo courtesy of Connor Beaton Photography


2 thoughts on “The Day My Best Friend Got Married Day 51: 365 RSL Project

  1. Oh Kelsey thank you so so much for this, it’s beautiful. I can’t thank you enough for everything you did and all of the time you took for me in the past few days and today on our wedding. I love you so much Xoxoxo You are so special and I was so grateful to have you by my side today! I am so excited to be there for you for your future wedding day, whenever it comes around, and it will when the timing is perfect. Just like you xo

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