How to Be Incredibly Productive *It’s Not What You Think* Day 49: 365 RSL Project

Do what you love not what loves you. These words have been spoken to me over and over through my friend Mr. Kyle Cease. It’s one of his main philosophies and within it holds some pretty profound wisdom.

This concept is simple but not easy. It is the piece I’ve been working on mastering for quite some time aka it’s been a challenge 😉

loveWhen I do what I love everything just works and I get way more done than I ever thought possible. I have only begun to really understand this lately. When the Radical Self Love Project was born into my experience my entire life started moving fast and in a completely different direction than I had imagined. The content just flows out, opportunities to share this message on new platforms manifest, I’m truly inspired to share and interact with the RSL community everyday and have been able to maintain a solid commitment to blogging and showing up for each and every person who invests their precious time and energy into checking out this blog and all the other work I get up to.


For the first time my intuition is completely at ease and really urging me to follow this path and take the steps to create, share and develop the message I am meant to share. Some call this a life purpose, mission or life’s work. However you frame it, I’ve been given this beautiful opportunity to combine all of my wisdom, talents and passions into one project and allow my deep passion for teaching about love to really come through.


In the past few days I’ve truly been blessed with some pretty amazing opportunities for collaboration and to really do what I love in a big time way. Just so we are clear all of this confronts me and it scares me sometimes. However, more than it scares me it excites me on every level (mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually) and inspires me to the max.

In other words LOVE is louder.

This is how I know it is the work I am meant to be doing. It combines all the essential elements for success: contribution, service, heart alignment, passion and inspiration. Doing what I love and loving what I do is the key to my ultimate productivity. FACT. 

I feel so incredibly giddy and blessed for the abundant opportunities and the people around me who completely believe in me even when my faith waivers. Today I dedicate this post to all of you, all of you who show up every day and allow my experience to be a contribution to yours.

Thank you xoxox

Radical Self Love to the MAX!!!




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