Why Wearing a Rainbow Tutu Was The Best Life Choice I Ever Made. Day 47: 365 RSL Project

Everything serves a purpose and all things happen in the time they are meant to.

527177_10152045828585145_488633324_nYesterday marked the 1 year celebration of my first date with my man!!!  We officially met the evening before our first date at a friends Pride party, where I was rocking a rainbow tutu, glitter and all around awesomeness.

I am generally a pretty self expressed person and making the choice to rock a rainbow tutu just seemed like the most natural thing to do. It was pride after all 😉 I had no idea at the time my wardrobe choices for the day would end up creating the most hilarious ‘how we first met’ story and unveil some pretty amazing relationship wisdom.

Pride is a magical day (my most favourite day of the year). It is a beautiful space filled with rainbows, glitter, self expression, diversity and most importantly acceptance and love. To me sporting rainbows holds greater significance above and beyond the fact they are obviously very beautiful.

430347_4428028141649_1685089164_nTo me it symbolizes human evolution, our ability to love and accept each other even though we may be different, to play and enjoy life to it’s fullest and releasing all the crap that weighs us down.

I know I met my soul partner on this day for a few reasons.

1. I was not expecting it. What straight girl thinks she is going to meet a straight available man at pride?! Not this one 😉 My detachment from an outcome allowed me to be in my element. I was in the beauty of flow, laughing, playing and seriously loving all over life. In this energy I was now in vibrational harmony with the partnership I had been intending for a while.

2. I was being authentically me. Pride brings out the best in me. I’m happy, giggly, open, seeing the world through the eyes of wonder and awe, I’m social, friendly and so curious about who and what I will see along the days adventure. I frolic through the streets with ribbon wands, I dance my lil butt off and I really just enjoy the experience of being alive. In this state of being, again I was in total resonance with that which I desired. Lets be honest here if I were to meet someone who wasn’t on board with this side of me it clearly just wouldn’t be a successful match.

3. I was ready. Plain and simple. We only attract that which we are capable of handling. This applies to all things in life. Relationships are no different. I had set my intention to meet this ‘perfect man’ 20 months before. Inside of getting very clear about what I wanted, setting the intention and surrendering to how and when it was meant to happen, I was guided into a 20 month journey. This time was filled to the brim with lessons and growth that were essential for me to experience and learn from in order to be equipped to handle the relationship I truly wanted.

How I met my partner perfectly illustrates, everything that is meant to happen does, in the perfect time, in the perfect way.

553099_10151738391386132_1090154475_nI feel so blessed to share my life with this man and everyday I learn more about what it means to have a harmonious relationship first with myself and secondly with the love of my life. Our journey together in the past year has been pretty incredible. We have both grown so much over the course of a year. We’ve experienced the lowest of the lows and the highest of the highs. Inside of all of this I am incredibly proud of the man he has become and the woman I’ve emerged as. Thank god I wore that tutu 😉

Radical Self Love to the MAX!!



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