Pride, Mom Visits and the Epic Birthday Adventures Continue Day 44: 365 RSL Project

HAPPY NEW DAY/ HAPPY PRIDE!!!! Today my momma flew into town for a quick little bday visit. It’s pretty cool that my mom flies out to the city I live in on her few days off just to spend some time together and celebrate my birthday.

These occasions are just so incredibly precious. There was a time when I honestly didn’t truly value the importance and amazingness of the relationship with my mom. I can say I am truly lucky to have awoken to the preciousness of a mother daughter relationship and am so incredibly blessed to have done some big time solo healing in order to open and allow our relationship to develop into the incredible friendship we now share.

photo copy 12I feel so lucky to have such a loving and caring mom, who truly does support me in every single way possible. To have a relationship so connected that she flew out to Vancouver (after flying to LA last week to support me in my show) to take Connor and I out to celebrate my birthday.

photo copy 13Before our dinner tonight we quested around this beautiful city, went for breakfast, visited our favourite book store, took a lil gander to a crystal store, picked up some new friends for the crystal collection, got mom her new ipad and then made our way to an incredible dinner.

I am so happy to have the relationship we now do- and it has come formed through our cultivation of these four principals:

1. Honesty

2. Vulnerability

3. Openness

4. Unconditional Love

We each have travelled our unique paths to lead us to this point in time. Both paths have been filled with juicy lessons and opportunities for growth and deeper connection. I am so happy we both stepped up to the plate many years ago and freely chose to co-create a better relationship. The bond we share now is beyond what I ever thought was possible and I can truly say my mom is one of my best friends.

I am so grateful for this mini weekend trip and all the magical blessings it has already ushered in. How does it get any better than this?!

photo copy 10Love you momsie!!!

P.S. Mega gratitude to my moms friend Tony who blessed us with some incredibly pie for birthday dessert! Feeling very loved! ❤

Radical Self Love to the MAX!!!



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