Guidance from the Fairies Day 43: 365 RSL Project

I love oracle cards.

For those who may not know, I have an abundance of oracle decks I use on a daily basis and they are one of my favourite tools for accessing messages from the Universe for ongoing guidance and support.

I find it very easy to interpret the messages of the cards when they are in combination with each other and in the context of a reading for either myself or a client. With my background in numerology, colour therapy, energy healing and my ever increasing intuitive abilities reading/interpreting the messages within the cards is an incredibly fun adventure.

This afternoon I was feeling like I needed a little bit of guidance regarding this new path I have set myself on. To do Radical Self Love 100% is sometimes really confronting. Everyday I get the opportunity to heal fears and push through self imposed limits I’ve put on myself throughout my human journey and since committing to the path of Radical Self Love my shit is coming up big time.

Running my own business again is wonderfully rewarding in so many ways. Knowing I help peeps learn to love themselves more and in doing so, they have more incredible relationships and fulfilment in life, is pretty flipping epic. I believe the work I do in the world is much needed and I feel it is a true honour to be following this path of service.

That all being said sometimes my humanness gets the best of me and I worry. I get scared. I get sad. I get in my head. I freak out. It happens and to deny these elements of my experience would be completely inauthentic. Luckily throughout this journey I have been blessed to have discovered tools which are truly effective for me in re-presencing me to the magical abundance and experience of being alive.

Inside of my mini internal freakout this morning I knew doing a reading would give me the guidance and reassurance my mind needed in that moment. So I grabbed my new deck of Fairy Oracle cards and let the law of attraction and Universe do its thang.

Here is the very clear message I received 😉

photo copy 3

photo copy 8Card #1 = Current Situation

New Career– Well this is pretty self explanatory, lol. It would appear the Universe and the Fairies all agree my change of careers to teach Radical Self Love is exactly the move I was meant to make for my highest good and the highest good of all involved

photo copy 7

Card #2 = My Expectations

Easy Does It– When I get super in my head I go into this pattern of trying to control everything. This card is a reminder that in order for all the greatness to come to fruition I have to ease up a bit and stop trying to force things to happen in the way I think they should. This card reminds me the beauty, ease and freedom which is available in letting go and allowing things to unfold naturally and to trust I will be guided every step of the way.

photo copy 6

Card #3 = Hidden Influences

Everything’s Okay– What is going on behind the scenes of my conscious awareness is far greater than anything I can imagine. The path of RSL is exactly where I am meant to be and it is safe and highly advisable to continue to create and share the message of Radical Self Love in the ways I am guided each day. All is well.

photo copy 5Card #4 = Advice

Express Your Individuality– I am here to deliver this message in only the way I can. Be authentic in the creation, delivery and facilitation of all the work I do. Honour my boundaries and awareness about who I am and what makes me come alive. The ‘right’ people will find their way to the work and through owning my individuality I unconsciously give permission for others to share who they truly are.

photo copy 4Card #5 = Outcome

Business Venture– Again this is such a clear message from the Universe that I am exactly where I need to be and this is the work I am being called to share in the world. This card is a message that as I continue along the path each day more and more opportunities are coming into my experience to share and collaborate (This is actually completely true right meow). It is safe and advisable to trust the new opportunities which are now and about to manifest as they are the doors I am meant to walk through to live my purpose and be most of service in the world.

The abundance of purple and green inside this reading is a further message to keep my heart open and become ever more receptive to the divine guidance which clearly wants to flow into my experience. This I can and will do 😉

Thanks Universe and all the magical fairies for your guidance, support and encouragement today!

Radical Self Love to the Max!!!



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