A Perfect Day to Frolick Day 42: 365 RSL Project

Frolicking in enchantedness is one of my absolutely favourite things to do. For true.

564196_152719781590416_637528186_nToday after writing a chapter of the RSL ebook and practicing some guitar I met up with my bestie and went on a little adventure to the local market.

To us Granville Market is a truly magical place. There is actually a store filled will all things enchanted, a crystal store, flowers everywhere and just a vibrancy which is incomparable to any other market in the city.

We did a little shopping and picked up some pretty gifts for her wedding next week as girls do 😉

A frolicking adventure filled with plenty of laugher and reminiscing lead us to bring these gems home with us:

A birthday peridot ring from my dad for my birthday gift! So pretty!!

photo copy 2

Some beautiful fluers for the living room- Gerber-daisies in my favourite colors yellow and orange.

photo copy

And finally some tools for healing- A wonderful book on LOVEEEEEE, a piece of pink flourite for emotional healing and some druzy quartz for quieting the mind for creativity!


All in all it was a magical afternoon spent with a beautiful friend whom I love and appreciate dearly! I love my life ❤

Radical Self Love to the MAX!!!



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