Covering Keith Urban and Cleaning House. Day 41: 365 RSL Project

Today, now that I was feeling back to my higher energy self, I took some time to get our house back to a 10/10.

With the move this week things have been a little hectic as we calibrate to the new living space and get used to where everything goes.

This morning I had been feeling creatively blocked and I knew it was because the house was messy. Since order is the first law of the universe, and the best environments for me to create are clean and organized ones, I invested the afternoon in getting the place back into tip top shape.  I rocked the tasks of organizing the storage closet, taking down garbage, doing laundry, cleaning the kitchen and the den.

One of my favourite things to do while I clean is listen to music and Keith Urban is one of my favourite artists to put on while I’m rocking out getting organized. After project clean was complete I felt more expansive internally and my creative energies began to return. I picked up my guitar and started jamming. As I jammed I remembered a song I sang last year for a competition at the Calgary Stampede and thought it would be a great share for you all today!

1000225_10153078611300511_2039149616_nI rarely cover songs and this song is one of my favourite Keith Urban tunes, it’s called “Better Life” and I feel it is perfect for this new chapter I’ve been blessed to start!

Enjoy the tune lovers!

Radical Self Love to the MAX!



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