The Gloriousness of Being a Woman/ aka Taking a PD Day ;) Day 40: 365 RSL Project

This morning my period kicked my ass. Yup it’s true, my uterus awoke screaming in all her glory and getting anywhere other than my bed was just not in the cards.

After my 6 am 30 min crystal meditation this morning (yes I laid on the floor and covered myself in crystals) I stood up and made it as far as my bed- with the help of my man. At that point I made a choice that today was going to be a  KG personal development day.

I honestly love being a woman. Being a women to me has meant I’m hyper intuitive- I connect and understand other women and men just by being able to put myself in their shoes. I’m creative, passionate and fiery and by the same token I’m reflective soft and gentle. 941013_516963061702269_324638324_n

Part of being a woman is having a period. Plain and simple. Occasionally mother nature is out in full force in my body and what this means to me is, I am being called to really tap into my nurturing and intuitive nature, listen to my body and take the time to rest. My body always communicates what it needs and the more I get to know myself and love myself the clearer this communication is.

One of my mega passions for a long time has been learning the full complexity of a woman’s cycle, finding more and more effective ways of connecting within, understanding my body, honouring this incredible process, being in awe of the wonder of a woman’s ever changing body and to share what I’ve learned to help other women feel empowered about being a woman, their periods and reproductive health.

divine-feminineDuring the course of human history  many misconceptions, misunderstandings and some general not good shit has surfaced, in my opinion, as a way to separate women and men from the true magic of being alive AND through this separation provide the opportunity to evolve and expand our awareness of who we truly are.

375043_10200380541299763_442881674_nIn the realm of female reproductive health, periods and goddess tribes there was a time where as a collective we were really connected to the magic of this monthly cycle. We collectively went through another cycle of time where we became a little disconnected which brings us into the present time.

I’ve seen in the last 10 years of my journey some pretty incredible teachers, leaders and sisters step up to the plate and start shining their light into all of the information available when it comes to our cycles. I feel so incredibly honoured to share my path with such illuminated Goddesses who are ever encouraging women to question what they have been told and become more attuned at assessing what is truly in the best interest of their health as a woman.

The more I came to understand as a woman my body and brain are in a constant state of change all month long and this process of change will continue for a good majority of my life, I was able to start to learn my body, my cycle and then take actions accordingly to ensure I was taken care of during my time. Learning all of this allowed me to experience relief on many levels because at times I honestly felt a bit nuts with my fluctuating energy and moods. Educating myself really had lead me towards a feeling of greater self acceptance and radical self love.

photo copy 2Today was an opportunity to listen to the profoundly wise being within, rest, learn and be ok being still and silent. I read a beautiful book, made a huge batch of high vibin green juice and ate raw chocolate macaroons. In my stillness and silence I was able to accomplish a great deal of smaller tasks, book an interview with Olivia Keane with her new show ‘For the Girls’ and just enjoy the beauty of being alive in this vibrant gloriously feminine vessel. Which is pretty freaking awesome 😉

Radical Self Love to the Max!!


p.s. If you are looking for some great resources a beautiful friend of mine is an expert in teaching the gloriousness of periods and our monthly cycles to women internationally. Her name is Mia Lockhart check out her amazing project The Vibrant Woman and her Vibrant Month info! She’s such a gem!

Also here is a really funny period video I watched today;) 


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