Sometimes It’s Best to Just Listen Day 39: 365 RSL Project

love-is-you-green-300x300I’m sure we’ve all experienced this at least once- somebody in our lives, at some point cared enough to just listen and really hear and understand whatever we were needing to get out. Do you remember how incredibly amazing it felt when you got to experience the presence and wholeness of yourself through another persons listening of you?

It is in these times of connection where we have the opportunity to experience love in its purest form and to embody the energy of contribution, giving and receiving.

Let’s face it, in life stuff comes up and sometimes it’s just not pretty.

We all go through ups and downs and it is just so utterly incredible to have people around who care enough to be there when we need them the most.

In order to have a community of support we need to start being the support.

During my Radical Self Love Journey I have had my fair share of these compassionate moments, so today I took the opportunity to repay the kindness and give the gift of listening to those in my life who needed it the most.

To hold the space of present listening is such a gift, it reminds us we are not alone and that it’s ok to be going through the lows and the highs of this human experience.

My Radical Self Love Challenge for you today is this:

Give someone you know today or tomorrow the gift of your full presence. Just let them share what they need too. Only offer up your advice, opinion or perspective if it is asked for. Hold eye contact. Be present to their divinity and greatness throughout the entire interaction. Then let us know in the comments below how it feels when you are seeing through loves eyes.

Go Be Love šŸ˜‰

Radical Self Love to the MAX!!



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