It’s My Birthday and I’m Feeling the LOVE :) Day 36: 365 RSL Project

Today it’s my 31st BIRTHDAY!!!!!! cute-kitten-with-birthday-hat

I awoke today to an abundance of birthday messages and a seriously mega wave of love. I am truly blessed for the life I lead and the incredible people whom I’m honoured to share this life journey with.  Today is magical, I got to wake up to the love of my life, got a great workout in, went for a purrrfect breakfast at the most beautiful spot with a view of downtown and all the boats in the harbour, went to my favourite book store and have been blessed with connecting and chatting with so many of the amazing people I love dearly.

Inside of this incredible outpouring of love, magic and kindness I just realized that today I’m on day 36 of this project and numerology wise 36= 9 (3+6=9).  This magical serendipitous occurrence holds mega significance for me. My lifepath number is 9- which is the number of the humanitarian, philanthropist, compassion and universal love.

The lifepath number is calculated by adding all of the numbers of your birthday together and reducing them until you get to a single digit or a master number. Here is mine

July 27 1982

7+ (2+7=9) + (1+9+8+2= 11)

7 + 9 + 11 = 18

1+8 = 9

The lifepath number is considered the most important number in the numerology chart as it describes the nature of your personal human journey. It describes the traits given at birth and gives a snapshot into the likely challenges, lessons and opportunities you will encounter during this lifetime.

I think it just just so magical that today on my day of birth which also adds to 9, I’m rocking the 36th day of Radical Self Love. To me this is further confirmation of how supported I truly am and that this Radical Self Love Project is truly the path for me to fulfill the intentions of my life’s journey. BEST GIFT EVER UNIVERSE!!!!!

Thank you to all of you who have and will contribute to this amazingly perfect day! I love and appreciate you all!! Seriously, how does it get any better than this?

Radical Self Love to the MAX!!




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