Filling Up My Me Tank and Magical Manifestations. Day 34: 365 RSL Project

Today I woke up and for the first time in a long while I invested into me first.  As per my blog post from yesterday (if you missed it check it out here) I’ve chosen to invest the first 4 hours of my day into “filling up my tank”.


Doing so has proved to have quite the fantastical impact on my day. I avoided Facebook until 9:45am which in all honesty is a pretty HUGE win! When I did sign in I had a message from a friend of mine, whom I’ve wanted to collaborate with for the past couple years, asking me if I was interested in contributing Radical Self Love and my music to her platform in the UK!! I’m still in total awe and giddy about this opportunity and I gave myself permission to celebrate and let that positive energy fuel my day.

In my time this morning I was able to accomplish a 45 minute crystal meditation, gratitude journalling, a kick ass workout, the best green smoothy EVER, complete another chapter in my ebook, shower and be completely ready, hair brushed and all by 9:45.

Throughout the day I’ve been blessed with an abundance of positive and inspired conversations which created a most perfect energy for me to record some music and a video for tomorrows post 😉

Today’s productivity to me is such an illustration of the power of letting go, positive intent and filling up my energy tank first and foremost. I know in order to be of ultimate service this tank needs to be full, I know in order to be inspired this tank needs to be full, I know in order to manifest all of my dreams this tank needs to be full!


How have you filled your tank today? Share in the comments below!!

Radical Self Love to the MAX!



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