Giving Myself a Time-Out. Going From Lil Miss Cranky Pants to High on Life Day 33: 365 RSL Project

iPhone_4S_4_hardcase_Little_Miss_Stubborn_wallpaperToday I woke up on the ‘wrong side of the bed’. It’s true I woke up and was just agitated. I did a long meditation, I went to the gym, I made a super healthy raw breakfast and after all of those usual high vibe resets I was still in a pissy mood. I went to get coffee, spilt it all over my hand and my phone. It was at this point when I knew it was time for a time out.

Here’s the thing. Even though I write about Radical Self Love and sending conscious love vibrations out I am still human and I still have “bad days”. There are days where I am just cranky and annoyed. My life’s journey seems to be about embracing these moments and allowing them to just be. Earlier this am I was in fix it mode.

Trying to FIX the crap mood actually just makes it worse.

I have an abundance of tools to move through these moods and on days like today the only thing that really works for me is taking a time out. I needed to just be with my annoyedness. So I went to a beautiful park, where I could hear little humans laughing near by, parked my butt on a bench and just sat with myself. I asked my higher self what this was all about and a couple things came up:

1. I didn’t get up at the time I truly wanted to. I could spout a tonne of reasons why however all that really matters is that I received guidance from my higher self that I chose to ignore.

2. I was making myself wrong for ignoring the guidance, instead of acknowledging my choice, forgiving myself and moving forward constructively.

3. I need to make myself the priority each day. What this means is going forward the first 4 hours of my day are dedicated to me, my personal growth and taking care of my emotional, mental, physical and spiritual needs. This is why a 6 am start time is so juicy. It gives me ample time and space to flow freely through my morning routine and do the things like meditation, journalling, working out, fueling my body, learning and taking actions towards RSL. These are the things that fuel my soul and give me the inspiration to really show up for life and show up for others.

4. Having a daily plan of action just works for me. Period. I like to plan my days and then go with the flow of how all of the tasks get accomplished. Without this structure I feel scattered and end up wasting a lot of time and energy. To me this represents the balance between the feminine and the masculine energies. The masculine is the structure, stability and essentially the pillars which give the feminine creative energies space to dance between. Both are equally important and to honour my creative flow, I require some structure, plain and simple.

After coming to these realizations I made a list of all the accomplishments I was intending to complete. I also took some time to journal and ask my higher self what I am meant to do with RSL today and the near future. What I received was so inspiring and honestly motivated me to come home and begin my day on the ‘right foot’.

The rest of my afternoon flowed so magically and I was able to accomplish my intentions in a light, free and fun way. So so juicy.

Today I am grateful for how this day began. I’m honestly so in awe of my ability to work through and move through challenges and contrasting energies. Every day I am getting stronger and more adept in navigating this whole earth school life thing 😉

So even when I wake up on the wrong side of the bed I know it’s going to be a great day!!Print

Radical Self Love to the MAX!!



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