Getting in Flow With Yin Yumminess Day 32: 365 RSL Project

imgresYin yoga is seriously my all time favourite. It’s such a beautiful slow practice that really allows me to get into my body and to also really observe my mind.

After a 32 hour journey back to Vancouver from LA my body was really wanting some solid stretching and release. As per usual the poses our amazing instructor had us in were exactly the ones my body needed the most. Tonight’s class was extra meditative for me as I had set an intention to ‘get the communication of my body’. Meaning where ever there was tension or a block of energy in any of my muscles or joints I was open to receiving the underlying message my body was attempting to get me to see and understand.

The most prominent message tonight: Get back into balance.

Pretty simple. The past few weeks have really been busy and full of incredibleness. However inside of that I’ve really let my health routines slip. I am clear after tonights loving practice, getting my body back into a regular experience of movement and exercise is fundamental for all the incredibleness on it’s way.

So tonight I am so grateful for the Chopra Centre where the energy is just purrrrfect for my yoga practice, to my amazing yoga instructor Annika who always intuitively knows what poses my body needs, to myself for listening to the infinite wisdom of my body and for the harmony between my mind, body and spirit.

I am so happy to be home in this beautiful city and to charge up to the next level to really ROCK life! Giddy up 😉

Radical Self Love to the MAX! xoxo



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