90 Day Declarations, Vulnerability and Mindboggling Breakthroughs Day 31: 365 RSL Project

Yesterday at Kyle’s event the very last exercise he took us through was that of making a 90 Day declaration. This declaration is intended to expand and keep us in the epic flow of this weekend. We each chose a new or familiar positive habit which fit within our lives and also was going to stretch us that we gave our commitment to completing each day by a certain time.

My declaration:

For the next 90 days I am doing a 30 minute meditation at 6am every day and at 6:30 pm I am recalling/recording all of my attractions, wins and accomplishments of the day. 

Why this is so powerful to me is simple. Meditation clears my channel. Its the ultimate investment in my future. When I sit in stillness and observe my thoughts I practice the art of allowing, the juiciness of presence and the gift of universal support and guidance.

The second aspect of this declaration is equally important to me. When I am present to my accomplishments and wins I feel really good. When I feel good I take better care of myself, I make better choices and I act more in alignment with my truth. Also acknowledging my success builds momentum, a sense of accomplishment and ultimately increases my self esteem and self worth. Self esteem and self worth are both huge access points towards a greater experience of Radical Self Love.

Sharing what I’m up to puts my butt on the line and to declare this to a large community calls me to play at greater level. Ultimately it drives me to show up consistently as a living breathing example of Radical Self Love and be a solid leader in this love movement.

I can already feel my inner power welling up and the creative vibes are flowing. I am truly inspired and amped up for the next 90 days, the epic transformation, magic and mindboggling breakthroughs I will usher in through my committed action.


Anyone who is interested in making their own 90 day declaration hit me up on the FB page and lets co-create a community of Radical Self Love Lovers who are rocking their greatness.

Radical Self Love to the MAX!




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