Calling Myself Out on my Shit- The Epic Power of Realness Day 30: 365 RSL Project

Today was the final day of Kyle’s event and it’s amazingness just continued.

images-2I was blessed with the opportunity to share more healing vibes through music and meet the legendary Dick Gregory. It was such an honour to take the stage after such an incredible man. During his no shit talk I felt a stirring within. Something big was about to take place in my experience.

This entire event has been about flow and being divinely guided each step of the path. Prior to my performance today I had selected the song I was going to perform and felt super aligned with it. Following Dick’s talk it no longer felt aligned. While the song is amazing, inspirational and would truly make a difference something bigger than me said it wasn’t the right song to play anymore.

I left the room to be with the message that was attempting to make it’s way into my consciousness. Within a few moments of sitting with myself, a song I wrote 4 years ago came flooding into my mind. The lyrics came back effortlessly and the chords were as clear as if I had just written the song today. I knew this was the song I was meant to sing.

Even with this ‘knowing’ I still battled back and forth with myself debating which song I was ‘supposed’ to do since the one I had first selected is ‘better’ in my perfectionist mind. After an impromptu conversation with a fellow participant, who by magical synchronicity said the lyrics to one of the verses in our 10 minute conversation, I allowed that confirmation to really sink in and I accepted this was the message which would best serve.

In this moment of surrender I had to give up what I thought was the best thing to do and act in the true best interests of the community I was setting out to serve.

Now it’s time for some radical honesty.

My music has always been about me and for me.

Which I now realize is the main reason behind why I haven’t really done much with it. Today I got my gift really isn’t for me at all. It is for everyone outside of me and the more I keep it to myself the more I am ripping off the world of the possibility of healing, contribution, inspiration and transformation. I have been being pretty self-centered in the sense that I have been selfishly keeping the music held in tight and not allowing it out in full force into the world. So with this new expanded awareness I went and performed not for me but for the hundreds of people sitting in the room. My gift is not longer about me, it’s about the bigger global community. I feel so honoured to contribute to the world in this profound way and from this moment on I have stepped into the beauty of full on divine guidance, flow and truly being of service through this natural talent.

I took the stage and something spoke through me, something sang through me, something moved through me. I could see the inspiration filling up people in the crowd. I could see their hearts expanding and in this moment I truly got the impact of how much of a contribution what I’ve created via music truly is. I saw hearts opening, I saw tears flowing and I saw alignment in its more beautiful pure form.

I am honoured to have taken the stage this week, I am honoured to have had the opportunity to share this gift and I am humbled by the greatness of spirit and the incredible space this event generated for this profound awareness and gift has ushered into my experience.

P.S. I will be recording and posting the song I did this weekend to share with our community by Friday this week! Stay Tuned!

Radical Self Love to the MAX!!!



4 thoughts on “Calling Myself Out on my Shit- The Epic Power of Realness Day 30: 365 RSL Project

  1. I had a similar realization a little while ago…that gorgeous clarity that this isn’t about me! It really changes everything. Rock on!!

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