Singing on Purpose and the Power of Community Day 29: 365 RSL Project

Today was an epic shifting point in my journey. Day 2 of Kyle’s event and I got the opportunity to share and perform my original music for an amazing community of over 350 people. It’s been quite a whirl wind of a day and it’s all been incredible!

Stepping into my power, my flow and doing what I’m here to be doing, opened the space for more wonderfully aligned attractions to manifest today to truly guide me on my path of Radical Self Love and Music.

The day began with a family breakfast. I feel so blessed to have such incredible family mates who travelled to another country to support me in taking this next step. We vibed, we ate, we laughed and then it was off to the start of Day 2!

After a hilarious intro from Kyle I took the stage, authentically shared and sang a song channelled from my heart.


Following my performance I was so blessed to be showered with incredible love, support and ever growing encouragement.

I’ve been beaming gratitude all day for all my lovely friends and the amazing women who were here to shower me in Goddess love in the way only Goddesses can. I am so grateful for my mom and sister who came all the way to make sure I felt supported and loved.


My heart and deep gratitude for my incredible partner grows each day and today I feel overwhelmed (in the best possible way) for all the blessings he’s brought into my life, for the ways in which he completely knows me and intuitively  has supported me every step of the way of this incredible journey. I love and appreciate him so much and it is through this experience I know on an even greater level how much he truly loves and supports me. He makes my heart sing and fills my being with inspiration each day by showing up as the incredible man he is.

photo 4

Mega mega love ❤



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