The Power of Detachment and Rocking The Present. Day 28: 365 RSL Project

BeHereNowToday I did something for the first time, in a really long while. For the entire day (until 9:30 pm) I put my phone away and didn’t login to any social media of any kind. Instead I chose to rock an entire day being present and being completely present to whatever experience I was meant to have.



When I am feeling off/out of flow my phone is often my crutch. It’s my go-to to avoid actually connecting with myself and others and while it gives me access to all the wonderful communities I am graciously a part of, it also has it’s shadow side. When I am feeling the contrasty vibes in life I have a coping mechanism which sometimes appears and it’s name is ‘avoidance’. The key to successful avoidance, as I’ve learned, is to be distracted and occupied by external information. At times social media and devices such as my phone, ipad and computer serve to usher in that external information. In other words they become very effective distraction tools.

Today was Day 1 of the Kyle Cease event.

My intention for this event is to really hear the perfect messages for my next level evolution and cultivate the most perfect heart inspired connections with those in alignment for this next chapter of my journey. This being my intention, my higher self just took over today and I unconsciously put my phone away. It wasn’t until mid afternoon, when a comment about Facebook was mentioned in the session, that I consciously realized I had yet to be on any social media today.

What this space made available to me today:

  • I authentically got to get real with myself to be totally clear on what I truly want for myself and my life at this point
  • Be the space for my partner to authentically share
  • I felt the emotion and energetic space and freedom to dive into my deep well of emotion and clear, in a really safe space, what the entire day of sessions had brought up with my incredible partner (aka I experienced the bliss of vulnerability)
  • Had a wonderful day with friends and family laughing and creating beautiful memories
  • Being in a place of openness to take in the most perfect tools for my life right meow
  • Acceptance of the beautiful feedback I received, of who I truly am to the people in my life and how I occur to them
  • The deep and profound experience of soulful gratitude
  • A raw and authentic connection with the love of my life
  • Giggle dance parties
  • New ideas, inspirations and actions towards my dreams, company and creating the life of my dreams
  • Freedom from the trapping of my ego and contrasting cycles of emotion and mental racket
  • The energy charge up to fuel the most on purpose and contribution driven performance tomorrow

All of these beautiful gifts came out of a simple yet powerful intention I created for myself just last night.

When we ask for something the universe always delivers.

I absolutely love how beautifully synchronistic my world has become and I am feeling more and more grateful each day for the people in my life and all the incredible experiences which are being magnetized each moment.


Today illustrated to me first hand the power available inside of on purpose detachment. To physically detach from my ‘security blanket’ allowed me to experience life through an incredible lens today. While technology and social media hold a very precious place in my life, I truly see how valuable it is to occasionally take the time to completely detach from the virtual world and get in alignment with the present moment, the physical world around me and the glorious magic available every time I am in full on flow!


How does it get any better than this?!! 😉 

Radical Self Love to the Max!



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