Beaches, Synchronicity and Awesomeness!Day 27:365 RSL Project

IMG_0603Today’s post although a little late is coming at the perfect time 😉 After a final morning of driving we arrived in LA this afternoon. We spent the afternoon with some great friends laughing and loving all over life and enjoying the wonder of Venice beach. Upon our day recap we came to realize our entire trip so far has been divinely orchestrated and our guides and Angels were with us the entire way.

We’ve seen number signs (111,222,333 and 444 are among the top numerology signs so far), witnessed the incredible magic of the power of intention and creative flow, watched synchronicity unfold before our eyes and experienced the universe taking care of us in every single way.

Since arriving at the hotel for this weekends epic event we’ve since been upgraded to a super lovely suite, been gifted with complimentary breakfast and appetizers and I was offered a stellar coaching opportunity with someone I have been intending on working along side with for the past year! DAY 1!!! How does it get any better than this?! 😉

So it is with deep gratitude and pure bliss this message comes to you all tonight! Really looking forward to sharing more of this epic experience with you all!

Radical Self Love to the Max!!!





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