Road Trips, Adventures and New Beginnings Day 25: 365 RSL Project

imgresToday is the beginning of a new adventure! I will be travelling to LA road trip styles to sing at Kyle Cease’s Event this weekend!

This is excitingly awesome for me for a couple reasons,

1. I’m road tripping to LA- which has been on my bucketlist since the 7th grade!

2. I get to share this adventure with my lovely tribe of family and friends. I feel truly blessed to have such incredible people in my life who are so stoked to head to LA to watch me play and create some awesome memories together.

3. This is the first time my amazingly awesome partner will be seeing me sing. I don’t do a lot of performing and since we started dating last summer I haven’t done any live shows. Him being there means so much to me and I am so blessed to have such an incredible partner who always supports me in the best ways I need. Plus I’ve realized as of lately all of my love songs I wrote about him, even before we ever met. Pretty freaking magical…

4. I’m going to be performing along side an amazing roster of speakers and musicians who are really making a positive difference and impact in this world. To be included in this event is such an honour and I know this is just the beginning of this Radically awesome new chapter of my life!

This entire opportunity is a result of my dedication to loving myself, knowing on a deep level I am meant to be playing at a bigger level and inspiring people through my gifts and talents. Music for me has always been very natural and for a long time I diminished my god given talent. Since embarking on this Radical Self Love Journey I’ve been really embracing the unique talent I have for writing music in only the way I can and for my voice and how magically beautiful it truly is.

So stoked to keep ya’ll updated on the travels, adventures and all the epic magic that is about to take place!

Feel free to check out my music channel and let me know which songs you think I should sing this weekend!


Much Love


Photo courtesy of Nichele Portrait Studio


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