Cat Naps Rock and so Does Self Care. Day 24: 365 RSL Project

The Gloriousness of Self Care and Cat Naps

imgres-1Yup today I took a nap and it was absolutely amazing. Getting to the point of actually allowing myself go and laying back down this morning was highly interesting. Since yesterday afternoon I had been feeling a bit off. I went to bed early last night knowing extra sleep would help my body recalibrate. This morning even though I felt better, within about two hours of being up I wasn’t feeling all that well again.

For two hours I attempted to distract myself and make reasons why napping is ‘unproductive’ and not a good use of my day. The more I resisted what my body was attempting to communicate to me the worse I felt. After this long internal back and forth I finally surrendered and allowed myself the space to sleep.

Within 20 mins of falling asleep I was woken up by a really wonderful and creative idea for a video blog. It was at this point I realized I had been going against the flow this morning and blocking my creative energies. Once realizing this I was able to really relax into the request my body was making for more rest.

From there I had a gloriously wonderful nap and slept for just over an hour. Upon waking I followed my inner guidance to make a really healthy lunch wrap full of all the organic veggies in my fridge and drink half of my 1.5L bottle of water.

64128_444826245586587_5236253_nRight now I’m feeling pretty great and on the road to a full reset. I know the rest of my afternoon will be divinely guided and while I have a couple work tasks to complete, the rest of the day is dedicated to truly relaxing into what my body, mind and spirit requires to play fully 100%.

Sometimes Radical Self Love lovers, to play full out we need to recharge and re-set.

I love and accept this about myself and I’m looking forward to enjoying the rest of the abundant blessings this beautiful day has to offer. From my heart to yours! 🙂



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