Pamper Party RSL Style! Day 21:365 RSL Project

Today was all about me. I got my nails done, I put on makeup, I got my hair done, I drank coffee, I made green juice, I thouroghly enjoyed every item on my intention list for the day, I sang, I blasted my favourite tunes on a wonderful drive, I journalled and set intentions for my business (which I freaking LOVEEEE doing!!) and generally just had a day dedicated to what my heart wanted.

I spent time on me for me.

When I take these regular ‘beauty’ dates and get my girliness on, it for me, is an act of Radical Self Love.

  • For starters I love feeling pretty, beautiful and on top of my game. Lets face it getting my nails and hair done today was pampering and amazing and I feel super hot, sexy and ready to rock out 100%.
  • Secondly investing in myself in these ways puts it out into the universe that I truly believe I am worth the money I’m putting into getting these services done. Every time I pamper myself I say unconsciously to myself  I am worthy and deserving of a beautiful, comfortable and amazing life.
  • Thirdly when I take time to take care of myself I just feel better. Plain and simple. If I’m in a shitty mood it’s pretty hard to leave someone feeling better about themselves and their life by being around me now isn’t it? Often my crap moods are highly correlated with not taking enough time for me and nourishing myself. When I am feeling good I am able to have an even more positive impact on those around me. In this mental and emotional space of happiness I am actually able to serve others and take care of those I love dearly.

My invitation to you is this:

Take yourself out on a date this weekend. Go do something that makes you feel fabulous. The more you take care of you the more you will have an experience of being taken care of. You are totally worth the investment, I promise 😉

Share with us in the comments below, on our FB page or Twitter, how you took yourself out on a date and lets share some RSL Me-Date ideas!

Big love and appreciation to the girls at Frilly Lilly who took great care of me this morning and massive love and appreciation beams to my girl Bre at Corvus Studio who always pampers me to the max and makes my hair look beautiful! xoxo




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