Bucketlisting, Self Lovin’ and Kittens. Day 20: 365 RSL Project

imgresI love me. Lets be clear I don’t mean this in some narcissistic, self involved, ego-ic way. I like to think of it more as an: F-YA-I’M FREAKING AWESOME-TOTALLY COMFY IN MY OWN SKIN-KNOW I HAVE A SUPER DUPER POSITIVE IMPACT ON OTHERS- kinda way.

Part of my Radical Self Love Journey lead me to become better acquainted with all the things I love about myself and my life. In the past 4 years I’ve been practicing getting really comfy acknowledging myself, my accomplishments, my loveable qualities and aspects of my life I am totally lit up and stoked about. Doing so has done a real number on my confidence in the best possible way.  When my confidence began to increase I started to see (through my acknowledgement practice) I was also strengthening my internal muscles of visualization, intention setting and creating a best possible outcome focus.

I love lists.

Simply put lists help me visually organize my thoughts. When I have the experience of being organized I am able to feel clear and solid in who I am and what really pumps me up. As I mentioned before I keep a list of things that make me happy for an instant mood boost. I also find it equally important to be present to the positive aspects of my life on a daily basis.

To amp up my Radical Self Love muscles, stay lazer focused on my path and the direction I intend my life to go, I’m starting a new weekly blogging practice of acknowledgement and bucketlist building. Once a week on this blog I will be making a post sharing 5 things I love about who I am and what I love. I will also post 2 bucketlist items and by the end of the 365 RSL Project I’ll have a super duper list of things I would like to accomplish in my lifetime.

KG’s Radical Self Love- Love-fest


1. Country music, more specifically Keith Urban. Every time I listen to his music something inside of me lights up and I start smiling from the inside out. Yup it’s that good to me 🙂

2. I  have a clan of wives. These to some would be considered my besties. To me they are so much more than that. This small clan of women are my sisters, my best friends and my go-to gals. They know me better than I know myself sometimes, they are always there for some straight up real talk, they call me on my shit and they love the crap out of me no matter what I’m going through. They are a blessing beyond measure and I love them all.

3. Often when my mind wanders I think about snuggling kittens. They are just so damn cute and I’ve considered multiple times taking up a legit career in cat snuggling. For true.

4. I love my laugh. This bodes well since I often find myself quite hilarious. Laughing is one of my most favourite things to do and when I laugh it comes from deep in the bottom of my belly, it’s really loud and contagious.

5. I love my ability to listen for what is actually being said underneath the physical words people speak. Maybe it’s my intuition or my my psychic skills amping up, either way it’s freaking awesome and I’m really great at it. This skill is one of the qualities that makes me a great and effective coach. I love this about myself.


KG’s RSL Bucketlist:

1. Record an album of my Radical Self Love original tunes.

2. Watch the sunrise and sunset on every continent.

Loads and heaps of love from me to you! ❤



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