Crystals are Rad! Day 18: 365 RSL Project

I love crystals. I truly believe in their healing and metaphysical properties and I use them daily in my meditations and I carry them with me all day long.

Some people think it’s weird. I think it’s awesome.

Here’s the deal. There are people in this world who *gasp* have different perspectives. As I’ve come to learn there isn’t a “right” way to do things or a “right” way to go through life, there is just the way you do. Meaning we all have different tools, ideas, beliefs and ways we see and understand the world. Each of those perspectives is valid in their own way.


We each have a different mission in our lifetimes and we can either spend time making each other wrong for the way we perceive the world OR we can embrace this diversity and learn from one another.

A great piece of advice from one of my coaches a long time ago was this:

                                       “Take what works for you- and leave the rest”.

When I find myself in the space of learning something new, if it vibes with me and it feels ‘right’ or ‘good’ in my heart I keep it and add it to my Radical Self Love toolbox. If I have a weird or off feeling about something I leave it. Simple as that.

Crystals are one of those ‘this feels right in my heart’ kinda tools for me. If crystal talk vibes with you cool- read on. If it doesn’t that is totally ok too 😉

A Radical Self Love Guide to Crystal Awesomeness

I often use crystals to supercharge my ability to connect to my guides and maintain a state of internal flow. I’ve been really drawn to three crystals lately in my morning meditations and I’m going to share them with you!


Celestite (Top crystal in photo)– Acts as a instant connection to Angel and spirit guides. Helps those connect the user to the Universal principal of One Love and strengthens our ability to be compassionate and accepting of one another. Eases the body of worry which is one of the root causes of dis-ease in the body. A great crystal for the 5th chakra activation.

Tanzanite Aura Quartz (Lower right crystal in photo)– Awakens the mind and heart, placing the mind under the command of the hearts wisdom. It activates the 5th (throat chakra) which is helpful in assisting us to speak our truth and clear communication of this inner truth. It is said to enhance our psychic abilities.

This crystal combines the aspects of communication and intuition. This crystal opens the 7th chakra. This opening enables us to receive visions and messages from the universe and then communicate these messages and visions clearly and in ways that make sense to the audience we are speaking to.

Candle Quartz(Lower left crystal in photo)– Brings hope, comfort and light to the user. Heart stone to open the 4th chakra (heart) and balance and harmonize any conflicting energies in the heart center. It is also an abundance stone as it helps to awaken our perception of every day abundance, open our energy spiritually and energetically to receive abundance of all forms.

For a really great article on the Healing Power of Crystals check out this link:

❤ Big Love to you all!



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