How to Shake off Shady Vibes Radical Self Love Styles. Day #17 365 RSL Project.

10 Ways to Shake off Shady Vibes Radical Self Love Stylezzz (in no particular order) 😉

Beauty-of-nature-random-4884759-1280-8001. Get outside– Fresh air, the beauty of nature and people/puppy watching always helps raise my vibes. Every time Im experiencing contrast and remove myself from the trigger environment by heading outside I almost feel instantly better. Nature is a miracle healer– must be all the fairies 😉


images-52. Slow down your breathing and do it deeper– When I experience emotional triggering or physical tension in my body my breath shortens. This signals my brain to activate my fight or flight response, to prepare for a percieved attack. This activation in the brain releases cortisol (stress hormone). When there is an over activation of cortisol things like anxiety, chronic stress, decrased thyroid function, weakening of the immune system and general dis-ease in the body appear. To return the body and brain to relaxed states rock the deep and slow breathing. It is one of the quickest ways to consciously signal to the brain there is no real threat on your life. Fact.

images-63. Have an orgasm– Orgasms release all kinds of sticky tension, yucky energy and feel good hormones. I recommend rockin this one in a super responsible way. Random sex with strangers is not going to make anyone feel better, so if you are with a kick ass partner make a request for some saucy time, if your rocking the single vibe invest some time and energy into rockin the solo fun train. 😉

images-44. Meditate- Much like the deep slow breathing tool, meditation serves to slow the breath, the body and the mind. Guided meditations are awesome if sitting in silence is challenging. Some of my favorite meditations are sound healing tracks which activate certain chakra centers in the body, helping me relax and come back into a state of inner balance. Mediation also serves as a great opportunity for me to connect with my guides, ask for help and assistance and allow the answers to float into my awareness. I love this time between me and the universe and when I’m feeling out of sorts a solid 20 minute meditation truly helps to bring back my positive state of being.

images-75. Gratitude journal- This one can be challenging depending on the degree of contrast I’m experiencing. However, the times when I really resist writing and acknowledging what I’m thankful for are the times I need it the most. The law of attraction ensures we get more of what we focus on. The act of gratitude illustrates to the universe I am aware of the abundant blessings in my life and is an unspoken request to send more things to be grateful for. How great is that?!



images-86. Move your body- Physical movement and exercise are wonderful clearing techniques. Working out automatically shifts my internal state and my point of focus. When my body and mind are focused on running there is no space to dwell on whatever was triggering me. Because exercise releases endorphines and other feel good brain chemicals into the body and also releases any stagnent or stored up energy blocks I may have going on, after a workout I’m left feeling lighter, happier and emotionally free.

imgres-17. Scream- Sometimes this can be the best release ever. When I’m super pissed I find screaming is one of the best ways to release the pent up energy in my body. Sometimes I scream into a pillow, do some lions breath (yoga breath work) or throw a mini tantrum. *NOTE* This is something I occasionally choose to do, and when I do it I’m responsible about it by not directing this energy at anyone or anything. I scream when I have the space and freedom to do so where it won’t negatively impact any one else. Honestly after I have my lil tantrum I will often be humoured by my ridiculousness which is a sign the energy has been released and I’m movin on up the energy ladder.

images-108. Do something creative-  Painting, writing music, singing, listening to music, cooking. Anything that gets my creative vibes flowing is a super sonic vibe raiser. Plus I usually have something wonderful to show for it when I’m done, either a new painting, a new song or a beautiful meal. Being creative is such a productive state changer. For real.


images-119. Laugh- Laughter is one of the best medicines. In order to laugh I must be present, to be present I must let go of whatever I’m triggered about. I find little humans particularly funny and enjoy how they have zero filter. I find their self expression so humorous and it immediately gets me giggling.


QLKxo10. Read over your high vibe reminder list- Let’s get real here, breakdowns happen, shit sometimes hits the fan and for me denying the contrast of life is pure absurdity. I’m really honest with myself with this one. I know contrast exists so I can learn, grow and expand. I also have some solid go to coping mechanisms. One of these is a high vibe list. It’s simple, when I’m in a state of high vibing possibility I create lists of all the things that make me happy and raise my vibes and then I read them when I’m feeling out of sorts to remind myself of the goodness all around.

The top 5:

1. Cats– pictures, in person, cartoons anything cat related always makes me smile.

2. Little humans– they are so entertaining, funny and wise.

3. Puppies– I love snuggling the neighbourhood puppies and luckily I live in a place where puppies are abundant.

4. Funny movies– laughing, silliness and art. Pure perfection.

5. Glitter, Unicorns and Rainbows. Enough said 😉

Radical Self Love to the Max!

Share with us how you shake of the shady vibes and rock out your Radical Self Love expression! Sharing is caring 😉

❤ Kels



3 thoughts on “How to Shake off Shady Vibes Radical Self Love Styles. Day #17 365 RSL Project.

    • Awesome!! Human sexuality is a beautiful thing! I’ve learned, when we talk openly, honestly and respectfully, it seems to have this magical way of inspiring a more positive and spiritually expansive relationship to our sexuality as individuals and as a collective human community! Happy you dig it!! Big love 🙂

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