Releasing Constructively: The Healing Power of Tears-Day 15: 365 RSL Project

The Healing Power of Tears.

Yesterday I wrote about the benefits of clearing our physical spaces to improve our internal states of balance. The physical clearing and cleaning I did yesterday set me up for a beautiful emotional clearing last night. The past few months of my life have been incredibly beautiful and I am in awe of how I am truly aligning the best people, circumstances and opportunities into my experience. This personal shift has come about through some pretty intense contrast and emotional upheaval. In the last few months I’ve been blessed with the opportunity to practice major acceptance, forgiveness and true love.

While I have an incredible support system and many tools to reframe and recalibrate my energy, the ultimate reset for me has always been the release of emotions through crying.

imagesTears serve as the body’s way to release anxiety, sadness, anger, stress, frustration- basically any emotion that does not feel good in the body. Tears help us to purge stored emotions that may be hiding out deep within our bodies, minds and spirits.

I feel things really intensely and one of my coping mechanisms in the past has been to ignore and push any contrasting emotion or feeling, down and ‘away’. The challenge with operating this way is there is no where for those emotions to go. They stay in the body and end up manifesting in dysfunctional ways and as imbalance in my body’s health.

Learning to be vulnerable and raw has been no easy feat. It takes courage to show all of myself, especially the parts I’m not particularly fond of. However, this is what I have learned so far in my journey:

                                                                            What I resist, persists.

Meaning, when I attempt to push away certain feelings and emotions, or just straight up pretend they don’t exist, they store and are held captive in my body, mind and energy field. These ‘negative’ energies gain more and more power the more I try to avoid them. However, when I access the courage and vulnerability to:

1. Acknowledge the truth of where I’m at, what I’m feeling and what I’m dealing with


2. Express and constructively release those emotions

I am more easily able to truly let go of the things that are holding me down.

It is important for me to share it is my belief that all of the feelings and emotions I experience are completely self generated. I am fully responsible for my experience and I have the power to perceive life’s events in ways which will either challenge me or empower me. I believe I have unconsciously called in all of the contrast in my life in order to learn incredibly valuable lessons, expand my ability to love fully and keep evolving into greater more aligned versions of myself.


There always comes a time when I max out my ability to hold onto the things weighing me down and set myself up for the freedom of release.

Tears release stress hormones and toxins we have built up in the body. Crying stimulates the secretion of endorphines which are the feel good hormones within the body. This is why, at least in my experience, it feels so damn good to have a full hearted cry every once and a while. My body, mind and spirit feel lighter and in this lightness I am able to positively impact people in a more profound way.

Our truest power resides in our vulnerability and our ability to be brave enough to truly let ourselves be seen not only in our best of times but also in the most challenging times.

Only Love




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