Day 14: 365 RSL Project

cc00fcfb4eb5a3699aOrder is the first law of the universe. The universal Law of Oneness states that everything is in divine perfect order and all things are interconnected. Our thoughts, words, actions, energy, emotions, relationships, environments, are all connected to one another.

The function of universal energies is to maintain this perfect order for the deliverance of manifestation of all forms. The journey of Radical Self Love is the process of aligning further to your truth, which is love. To do this we calibrate our personal energies to the vibrational frequencies of new more positive and empowering states of being and points of attraction. To put it bluntly it is the process of clearing out all the crap in every area of life which no longer serves.

One of the most simple ways to clear the emotional and mental energies and attune to the flow states of abundance, love and creativity is to clean our physical spaces.

Want a breakthrough in your relationship?- Go clean your car.

Want a breakthrough in your health?- Go clean out your closet.

Want a breakthrough in your work?- Organize your home office.

While we may think these things are not intrinsically linked, they are. Our outer realities are always a mirror of our inner states of being. So when our outside worlds are full of clutter and disorganized it is a reflection of the chaos of the inner world.

Take the example of an artist. Artist paint on a blank canvas. The blank canvas is the space for creation. The same in true in our waking lives. We must make space for creation, space for creativity. One of the best ways to do so is physically cleaning and clearing out clutter from our lives.


The physical clearing works on both an emotional and mental level. In my experience my ability to access mental and emotional release and peace of mind is directly correlated to how clean and organized the physical space I am residing in is.

Clutter of all kinds blocks the flow of energy and can contribute to the experience of feeling overwhelmed, tired and drained. When we invest time and energy into physically clearing the clutter out of physical spaces we give ourselves the mental and emotional space to expand and create in the most positive and on purpose ways.

The creation of space allows us energetically to relax and become more present. It is in the state of presence that on purpose manifestation can occur. In these states we can more easily focus on what really matters to us, what we are passionate about and ultimately how we truly want to show up in the world. In the state of ease and presence we automatically ripple out love energy.

As we become more aware of how our physical environments impact our internal states we can more easily learn to be consciously responsible for the energy we are contributing to the world. Since we are all connected, we may as well vibe super high and be the source of inspiration and positivity for each other!

Time to finish the laundry now 😉

Big love to you all




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