Day 9: 365 RSL Project

IMG_0728It is true. You are loved. Very much. I know sometimes even the strongest and most love filled people need to hear this. Along my journey of Radical Self Love I have come to learn how important it is to ensure I am sharing love’s energy to all those around me.

About a year ago my friends and I heard about The Global Love Letter Project. The premise of this project is simple.

1. You write a love letter. This letter is filled with all the things you would ever want to hear in a positive, inspiring love filled letter. It can be however long you would like, just say what you need to say.

2. Address the letter as follows

To: You

From: Someone who loves you.

3. Put the letter in an envelope

4. Give it to someone you don’t know


Each week we would meet for Monday night family dinners and write anonymous love letters. Then, between Tuesday and Monday we were all responsible for delivering the letter to someone we did not yet know.

The Law of Attraction ensures whoever received the letter was the perfect person to receive it and the message inside would be exactly what that person, who you do not know, needed to hear.

I believe a beautiful contribution to rippling self love vibes out into the world is to send some authentic love and support to those who I may not know. The positive impact of this act of love is beyond the scope of what we could ever imagine.

Lets get writing some anonymous love letters and ripple more love and greatness into the world. If you are inspired to join in on this love ripple share pictures of your letters on our Facebook page or Tweet them to us!

What you see around you is a direct reflection of what you are. Choose love, be love, see love.


1005140_467390140013350_614346539_n 2


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