Day 8: 365 Radical Self Love Project

Every day we all have the opportunity to make this world a better place through our be-ing. 

There has been a common theme in my week so far. I have had the pleasure of experiencing our beautiful younger generation knowing their truth, their authentic power and ability to inspire change on a global scale. My week kicked off with a conversation with a 9-year-old named Eric Lassard who has already invented is own board game, is an international speaker and in the process of completing his first book.

Today I watched an amazing video of a young man who stood up for himself, a teacher, an international community and stood for more love filled actions and harmony between people of this world.

Kinda puts things into perspective 😉 10.07.10-Think-of-Your-Purpose-as-Your-Personal-Career-Mission

We are all capable of doing great things in our lives and in this world. The question to consider is: Are we committed to acting consistently to ensure those dreams become a reality? Saying yes to your purpose and mission in life will completely change your life as you know it in the best possible way.

The main reason, excuse or justification for not following the call of the heart as I’ve heard from older generations is dominated by one underlying fear: great uncertainty of the unknown. This perception is enough to keep people stuck and playing it safe in life and ripping themselves and the world off from their radiant light.

This light  is accessed and enhanced through living on purpose and sharing your unique gifts with the world. What most do not understand is that inside of this unknown territory lies an incredible life beyond what our conscious minds are capable of seeing. When you say YES to you, your purpose and making this world a better place through your example, the universe will always conspire in your favor. You will experience flow in a much more profound way and your experiences of contrast will become opportunities for further growth, learning and expansion. In this sense life begins to occur as a game, with YOU and only you in the driver’s seat.

Our younger generation continually inspires me through their courageous actions, beautiful self expression and ever expanding vision of what truly is possible. Little humans always remind me what we do and who we are be-ing each day really does make a difference.

When you share your voice and have the courage to stand in your heart centered knowing the world becomes a better more love filled place. So lets get shining 😉

Big love to you all ❤



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