Day 7: 365 RSL Project

Wow week one is complete!! So incredible grateful! My world has shifted significantly in this past week and I know a HUGE part has been my surrender and commitment to my purpose and my true desire to live in alignment with my heart.

As I write this post I am surrounded by epic amounts of beauty, a wonderful sunny day, a beautiful lake, an incredible partner and his family. While I love being around people and connecting I know part of staying balanced is on purpose solitude time.


Today I did something out of my ‘normal’ character. I designed my day according to what Kelsey needed first. To do this I simply reflected on the following:

What would I need to do today to feel balanced in my health? Balance

What would I need to do today to feel balanced in my emotions?

What would I need to do today to feel balanced in my career/work?

What would I need to do today to feel balanced in my relationships?

After pondering these questions the answers came instantly. I got up when my alarm went off, hydrated, went for a solo run, snuggled two dogs, hugged a tree, ate some high vibrational chia seeds before breakfast, snuggled my man, participated in a high vibin conscious conversation and then stepped away from the family and friends to get caught up on my work, do some writing on my book, update the communities I run and write this post.

To some, taking solo time for myself, may occur as selfish, and to be perfectly honest it is.

I am doing what I need to do to ensure I am taken care of emotionally, mentally, spiritually and physically. Every time I do this I show up as my best version to those around me. I instantly have peace of mind knowing all my tasks and responsibilities are accounted for and this allows me the internal space to really be present with people. When I take time for me (coming completely from a space of love) and do what Kelsey needs first and formost in the day, I accomplish so much more, I am in flow, I make choices which have a positive impact on my health (eating good food, hydrating, exercising, meditating, constructive communication), I have more fun, I am more accepting and calm and I ripple inspiration, love and connection out to all those I meet and to the world around me.

photoLife has so much beauty to share with us if we are receptive and open to it. One of the best ways I’ve learned how to be open to this incredible gift of life is to take care of myself first.

Only ❤



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