Day 6: 365 RSL Project

Harmonious communication and energy exchanges between myself and others has always been an ongoing learning for me. I have learned my biggest lessons in effective communication through contrasting experiences. In other words I learned what to do from doing things that didn’t work so well.

Here are some musings from my heart to yours:

If you relate to someone in a way that only allows them to engage in lower vibrational actions and conversations, that is exactly what you are going to get. In other words, this type of behavioural pattern, creates, with the expectation of experiencing reactions and confrontation.

Alternatively, if you give someone the opportunity to understand they will. This type of engagement requires courage, understanding, compassion, openness and the awareness to consciously choose operating from a higher vibrational vantage point. People will rise to meet our positive expectations if we allow them to.

Relating to others as their greatness starts with being responsible for creating constructive energy, empowering conversational dynamics and respectful actions with one another.

Only Love ❤



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