Day 3: 365 RSL Project

“The body, like everything else in life, is a mirror of your inner thoughts and beliefs. Every cell responds to every single thought you think and every word you speak. A wonderful affirmation to use is: I LISTEN TO MY BODY’S MESSAGES WITH LOVE” ~ Louise Hay

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Every day I am so amused by the universe’s sense of humour and my humanness. For the past week I have been feeling ‘under the weather’. I truly believe I attract everything I experience and I know ‘getting sick’ was brought in for a breakthrough in my awareness.

Often, one of the underlying factors of me being outside of perfect vibrational harmony with my health has been a lesson in slowing down and taking time for myself.

This time I know it is part of it. My life has been so full lately and I’ve been filling up my pockets of time ‘getting things done’ and allowing the time for me to get lower on the priority list. I also know that by doing this I am lowering my vibration. The journey of radically loving myself becomes more challenging when I’m operating from a lower energy.

The other aspect of this attraction is a little more facinating in nature. Exactly the day I declared I was venturing into this world of unknown territory and fully embracing the call of my spirit to teach, write, speak and sing about Radical Self Love, is the day I got sick.

I’ve done enough work on myself to know feeling ill is a familiar trick my ego likes to pull out to keep me playing safe, small or just not playing at all. This common theme has shown up at each paramount point in my life where I was faced with an opportunity that would change the world as I knew it and the direction of my life. My ego is a sneaky lil bugger and will masquarade under the guise of catching a cold, tripping and falling, or any situation or circumstance that could be deemed an ’emergency’ or ‘urgent attention required’. I’m onto the trappings of my ego and my awareness around my default/sabotage mechanisms is getting more attuned as the days go by. This is a HUGE win for love.

The thing about getting sick is it could have given me an excuse to not follow through on my word and keep up with the project. However, this project is so much bigger than me and my ego. The call of my spirit is loud and clear which makes it so much easier to identify when my ego has attempted to hop in the drivers seat and to gently keep steering my hearts course.

So here we are today with the 3rd post where I get the extreme pleasure of ‘outing’ my ego and it’s not-so-sneaky-anymore antics ūüėČ

Today’s awareness will pair quite nicely with a relaxing bath and some solid solo time.



Tonight’s intention: recalibrate and soak in the beauty of this project, be present to the positive ripples it’s sending out and celebrate the gloriousness of listening to my¬†infinitely¬†intelligent body.

Only Love,



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