Day 2: 365 RSL Project

Today started off on a really amazing high vibe. I got to talk with my bro for almost an hour. To some this may not seem like a big deal, however for me it’s HUGE.

We live in different cities and both have pretty full lives. The time we now get together is so precious and it is a real treat when we have time in our schedules to actually connect and catch up.

My brother was my first best friend and he will be my last. IMG_0920I know I am truly blessed to have such an incredible relationship with my sibling and every day that goes by I am grateful for him and all he brings into my life.

From the time we were little we’ve had a real understanding of each other. He’s always been there for me when I’ve needed him and I can only hope I have done the same for him.

Now we have this amazing way of instantly re-connecting. Even though quite a bit of time has gone by since we last chatted it was like it was only yesterday. It’s so perfect! So today’s post is dedicated to my amazing brother!

5 Things I love Most About my Brother:

1. He’s just a big goofball. He can be silly and so playful at times and I just adore this quality about him.



2. He’s super intelligent. He has found his area of passion and is constantly learning, growing and expanding his knowledge. I admire him finding this so early in his human journey and being such an inspiration for me to uncover my passions and love of learning!

3. One of his greatest qualities is his high level of respect for other people. He treats people with love, kindness and respect. These qualities and ways of being, in my opinion, are much needed at this point in history. He truly is an example of how to be great with others.

4. His intuitive nature. He always knows when to just listen, when to talk, when to joke, when to give me some radical real talk and when to just shoot the shit. I appreciate this quality about him more than he may ever least until meow 😉

5. His love and commitment to family. His value of strong family ties has certainly been an inspiration to me especially in my earlier years when I struggled with a connection to the family unit. No matter what he has always been there and been a solid foundation for me to come back to. This has been the greatest gift of acceptance, love and connectedness he could have ever given me. It certainly has been a highly influential factor in the way my life shifted and changed over the past 10 years. I now see the true value in family and tribe energies. I am so grateful to him for teaching me this.

IMG_2215To the best brother ever..I LOVE YOU Budday! ❤



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