Day 1: 365 RSL Project

“Within you resides more greatness than you can ever imagine”.

This is the self talk that has been running though my head all day today as I create this blog and step into a life beyond the scope of my imagination.

Today truly marks the time of a great accomplishment and courage. I have taken substantial actions to launch a year long project that will call me to become the greatest version of myself, expand my knowledge, receptivity and wisdom and illustrate through my real life example what a life on purpose can truly look like.

follow-your-heart  To be perfectly real and honest with you, I truly don’t know what this next year of Radical Self Love is going to look like. All I know is, my heart is happy sharing this message with all those who are ready to hear it, my purpose is clear, and each day the path will unveil itself just as it’s meant to. I trust I will be guided in the most on purpose and love filled ways and I am so freaking giddy of how many LOVE ripples this next year will be causing all over the world!!

Lets get LOVIN’ 😉




2 thoughts on “Day 1: 365 RSL Project

  1. I was getting ready to go to bed but I thought I better check FB one more time and I saw your blog post! I think this is awesome! I am in the middle of Gabrielle Bernstein’s May Cause Miracles and I might blog about it each week because of this!

    I cannot wait to follow your progress!

    PS – I love the theme!

    • Awe thanks Shay!! So happy to hear this feedback tonight! You are going to LOVE the MCM journey! I sure did 😉 Please keep me posted I would love to follow along your journey if you do start blogging! Big love lady! ❤

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